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Marketing Strategy – Definition and its Importance

The life of a business owner is a busy life. You may get lost in fulfilling orders, hiring and training employees, providing customer service, and meeting with investors, clients or partners in one day.


When there are thousands of items on your to-do list, marketing may seem like a low priority task. You might tell yourself that you’ll get it done “one day.” In fact if you think it’s a task that you can accomplish in “one day”, you will never tackle it. Without a strong marketing strategy your business will not survive.


In this article, we will discuss what the marketing strategy is and its importance, and what are the most important problems that you may face in the absence of a marketing strategy for your company or business.

What is the marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is the comprehensive plan specifically formulated to achieve the marketing objectives of companies and projects. Provides basic guidelines for the designer and marketing staff to design and achieve the desired marketing objectives, which are the basic building block of the marketing plan. Marketing strategy helps companies and projects focus on the best possible opportunities to increase sales.


Marketing strategy is designed by:

  • Choosing the target market: We mean the target market when the company wants to sell its products or services. The target group may differ from the decision makers in some cases, for example, you have a project and all its services for children, such as a children’s club, for example, in this case, the parents are the makers of the purchase decision as the results of the campaign are achieved faster. There are certain sectors that may have potential and a large audience, but there may be significant barriers such as not being suitable for the audience that the company wants. The target market must be chosen strictly by the company. Deep marketing research should be done about the characteristics of the buyers and the special needs of the buyers in the target market.
  • Marketing Mix Assemble: By marketing mix we mean how a company proposes to sell its products or services. The company should collect the marketing elements in the proper combination. Collecting the marketing mix is an important part of the marketing mission. Where various decisions have to be taken such as:
  • Determine the most appropriate combination of marketing elements in a given situation.
  • What dissemination channels are available and which channels should be used.
  • Follow a sound and clear publishing plan that suits your audience and communicates with them through it.
  • What development strategy should be used in the target market.


Importance of Marketing Strategy:

When you have a well thought out marketing strategy, you can easily go about your business knowing that your daily marketing decisions and actions are informed by research and driven by your company’s goals.

  • simplicity:

Following your marketing strategy simplifies your day-to-day design and marketing tasks for your brand when your brand message and goals are clearly defined.

  • Intelligence:

Aligning your marketing strategy with your company’s overall growth goals ensures that all of your marketing efforts and expenses contribute to the further development of your business. Your marketing strategy will let the marketing team know where they spend the most time, which channels to invest the budget in, and focus your marketing messages on the highest return on investment.

  • concentration:

Having a well thought out and clear strategy helps filter out distractions caused by less effective tools, tactics and characters, so you can stay competitive in the marketplace. Adhering to your marketing strategy guidelines helps the marketing team stay focused on your brand’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

  • Influence:

When you do a thorough research of the market, competitors and the best current customers, you can enhance your marketing efforts by focusing on your brand features which contribute to increasing your qualified leads. Your messages (content) are more meaningful to the right people at the right time. Make it easy for your customers or clients to take the next step or decision!


Every successful and well-known brand, such as Nike and Coca-Cola, makes marketing strategy a top priority. If you want to grow your customer base, gain brand awareness, increase sales and achieve other business goals, you need a documented strategy.


Businesses are more involved than ever in some form of marketing, whether it’s through social media, blogging, email or postal mail. However, according to the Content Marketing Institute, only 40% of B2C and 37% of B2B marketers had a documented strategy in 2016. Although it is a slight increase from the previous year – 37% (B2C) and 32% (B2B) ─ There is still a large percentage of companies that have not taken the time to materialize their strategy.


What does the marketing strategy mean for that business or companies? For example, would you build a house without blueprints and a comprehensive plan? No, you won’t know what materials you need, what types of contractors to hire, or how big your budget should be to cover costs. Hundreds of other variables will be unknown, and every decision will be made based on risky guesswork with a little reassurance that it will turn out as you like.

It’s the same for building a business. Why start writing content, designing flyers or publishing social media without a marketing strategy and plan? If you’ve started creating and posting content, how do you know it works?


Without a marketing strategy, you are at worst putting your business at risk and wasting resources and money on efforts when you have no idea if it will succeed.


The overall goal of marketing is to reach target audiences or customers at the moments when action is most likely to be taken as a result of that interaction. These moments are the touch points, where consumers or customers are most open to influence. You won’t get to all of these touchpoints with haphazard marketing efforts. You need a marketing strategy or plan. Malaga will help you build your appropriate marketing strategy for your business, we are waiting for you to discuss more

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